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Upgraded iTunes and almost got Safari

So, yesterday I installed an upgrade of iTunes and QuickTime ( for Windows. When I upgrade a software I usually do not read carefully the instructions and often I just click the “install” button without any glimpse. But this time I did stop one moment before I pressed the install button. What is that? Safari?? What has Safari to do with this upgrade. One thing is that Apple have bundled QuickTime and iTunes..thats old stuff and discussed a lot. But now Apple just goes on with this bundle-strategy and use their upgrade mechanism to also install other products. This time it is Safari!

I was actually taken by surprise. Apple has bundled their browser with the iTunes and QuickTime upgrade. Can you believe this? And best of all Safari is prechecked for installation, so if you do not wan’t the Safari browser installed on your computer, you must take action and remove the checked value for Safari to be sure not to install the software.  How many regular users will do that?.. My bet is not many.

My opinion is that Apple has done some major mistakes her. First of all I do not like this bundle, as I do not see what the users that upgrade their iTunes can benefit from the Safari installation. Second, this is an upgrade. So what does Safari do inside the iTunes + QuickTime upgrade? It is not difficult to see why Apple bundles their browser, but is it fair? And do we like it? We have seen this strategy earlier by big players, I am surprised to see Apple do the same.

Well.. the Apple bundling strategy works. I have to install Safari now, just to play with it and test it against my regular browser (read FireFox) 😉