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Biggest 3D revolution in 10 years?

A few minutes ago FINN and Sesam launched what could be the biggest revolution in map handling for a decade, at least from an end-user point of view! The worlds biggest and most realistic 3D model is launched. Take a look at it here. The 3D model includes Oslo (the capital of Norway). The maps are generated by Swedish military technology (spin off from JAS-Gripen).

The 3D maps give a birds eye perspective with a great end-user control. It’s like sitting in a small plane flying over the great city of Oslo. The 3D-player (it’s a plugin) is developed by the Norwegian company myVR Software. An early version of this technology has been tested out at http://www.hitta.se but the quality and further development since then gives us a product and service in a completely different league. Google Street View got a lot of attention when launched, but I think this functionality is even more spectacular.

Schibsted will use this technology for the biggest websites in Norway! FINN, Sesam, VG and Aftenposten

Read more about the FINN/Sesam 3D map revolution at FINN labs in this blog post

RÃ¥dhuset Oslo – Sesam 3D kart from Morten Jacobsen on Vimeo