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Google Translate, now also for Scandinavian languages

Googe So, yesterday, Google launched several new languages for their online translator, including the Scandinavian languages (Google Translate Becomes the Best Free Online Translator).

Testing it for the Norwegian language with my own blog was cool and it seems that the translation module is very good. Try out the following (if you understand my natural language) : One of my posts in norwegian

The new languages supported are:

  • Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hindi, Polish
  • Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

But, it seems that it is not so easy to see the translation module integrated within the Google search result. If your google search is set up with local language you will get the [translate this] for each result in the search page (if the language is within the translate package). At the Google front page just click on the Preferences link. There it is possible to choose your desired language. Doing so you will have the translating tool integrated smoothly within the search result. By the way; I am not able to get this translation function to work with IE 6.0 (29) !

A couple of weeks ago Google launched their javascript-based API, enabling the translation of block of text within web pages on the fly, making it easy to develop some pretty nice and elegant user-friendly functionality related to text translation.