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Imax 3D – The Ultimate U2 Experience (U2 3D)

Just got back from London, with an overwelming cinema experience in my bag; The U2 3D Film. The British Film Institute (BFI) IMAX is home to the UK’s biggest cinema screen – more than 20 metres high and 26 metres wide, 12.000 watts of digital surround sound and the most sophisticated motion picture projection system in the world. It gave me the most ultimate experience that I can remember – The first live-action 3D concert movie – featuring u2!

The effect that this technology from 3ality Digital LLC is able to do with a live stadium concert is not possible to describe. Eye position of a stereoscopic camera in real time, high resolution 3D systems with zoom lenses, and integrated digital processing gives us tomorrows film concerts – today!

The film was shot at the Vertigo Tour back in 2005. I had the pleasure of seeing them during this tour in Oslo in the summer of 2005. But seeing the crowed at the huge stadium in Buenos Aires, feeling their heartbeat, smelling their tears and sweat singing to Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride, With Or Without You and One among all the great songs on this tour was a breathtaking, astonishing and a fantastic experience.

Sitting on top of Larry Mullen Jr. watching him at work, throws me directly to the event, I am not any longer at a cinema in London I am there! When Bono steps towards you it’s like you are able to scratch his nose. When you are in the crowd you are really among them, watching the girl in front of you filming with her cell-phone camera, is so real that all you can do is sit back and laugh.

It is actually a bit scary but this awesome film gives us a glimpse of the future of cinema.

After publishing this post I found a great article/post at Silicon Republic named Even better than the real thing