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10 PRINT “Where did it start?”

Ever since my Commodore 64 opened my eyes when I was 9 years old, I have written programs faster than I am able to write in natural language. Technology has always been a huge part of my life, and since the early 90’s I have focused on the web.

My current Employer

For the last decade I have been involved in building up one of the biggest internet successes in Norway; FINN.no. The development from the print business into a multi-media environment for classified business have been a pioneering work with great success. This work has given me an extended experience in technical aspects such as programming, product development, architecture, usability, and optimization as well as an in depth understanding of the online classified advertising industry

For several years my focus area was to develop an innovation process and a sophisticated innovation tool to support that process. The Idea Knowledge Management System that is implemented is a tremendous success and unique world wide. This work has given me an extended experience in how organizations should work with innovation in a systematic and strategic way and also how such processes should be implemented to build an innovation culture.

Over the last few years I have focused on mobile. This work has given me the opportunity to go into detail on what this change or shift will have on the media industry and which items are important in a strategy covering the transition from desktop to a muliti-channel environment.

Personal blog

This is my personal blog, and therefor should all the opinions be read as my personal thoughts and not my employers.

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