iTunes still loves my second-generation iPod. And one more thing…

I remember back in the summer of 2002. I bought my first iPod from Apple (on their Apple Store). If I do not remember wrong it was possible to pre-order it. I was really exited when it finally was delivered. It is a second-generation iPod, 20 GB, with Firewire, released 17th of July 2002.

I have not used it for quite a while, but some tweets before the weekend got my attention to it. So I just had to check if it was still working. And of course it does. I was pretty sure that it would work, but I was more unsure if it still wanted to play around with iTunes. No worry it worked smoothly! No software update since I upgraded it many years ago – iTunes states that my software version 1.5 is the latest. It will check for updates though.

I found out one more thing…

If i put my iPhone 4 on top of my old iPhone 3G, they actually match my old iPod exactly when it comes to height! I do not believe this to be an coincidence. Nope.. it just can´t be 🙂

Updated on May 27th 2011:
Since I have found my photo on a few articles and blog posts – I have added a CC license to this photo with attribution (instead of asking you to pull it from the articles/posts ):

Updated on October 23th 2011:
iPod Turns 10 Years Old Today:

The photos is lisenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License

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