Future Of Web Apps

Just got back from the Future of Web Apps conference in London. My impressions from this event and also some other events I have attended the last couple of months is that the focus are upon open api’s, open data and open authentication giving a foundation for the internet to become a network of different services loosely joined. Almost all start-ups are built on this foundation and this is not a surprise. More interesting is it to see what strategical positions the already big web companies will take in this landscape.

At the event Dave Morin talked about The Story Behind The Facebook Platform, and the figures he gave was amazing(!). Since the launch of the Facebook Platform on the 24th of may 2007 (kick-off video with Mark Zuckerberg) they have reached:

  • 90.000 + developers
  • 5000 + apps total
  • 100 + new apps a day

Facebook is now the 6th most-trafficked site in the US. They are bigger than eBay, and will (I suppose) soon pass Google(!).

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