MIPTV 2007

MIPTV 2007, has just ended (Cannes, France, 16-19th of april) and the conference focused on the ongoing convergence between TV, Web and Mobile. I’ll give my reflections regarding some of the most interesting topics (for me) from the four-day event.

A new industry is emerging, that will revolutionise the way we see television. Two promizing platforms/actors in building this new industry is Babelgum and Joost . Both Babelgum and Joost are in beta version. The first one not seeing a final first release before the end of this year. Joost’s Henrik Werderlin announced that they definitively would go live with a first release before summer 2007. Joost’s Fredrik de Wahl and Babelgum’s Silvio Scaglia hopes that “peer-to-peer” internet television will turn the business model up side down and we all know what peer-to-peer technology has done in other areas.

Jana Bennet and Ashley Highfield from BBC gave an outstanding co-presentation and could announce that their innovative work within the distribution of their content, would be backed up by doubling the investment in 360-degree content. Ashley Highfield, director of future media & technology gave a presentation of the iPlayer, and told the audience that the trial period (since last august) had been a great success. He was relative sure that the iPlayer would get final approval from the Trust at the beginning of May.

Dr. Hyun-Oh Yoo president and CEO of SK Communications gave a presentation of cyworld and the plans for expanding the highly successful social networking service outside South Korea and fight the competition. One of the new services in Cyworld is the “Cyworld Market”. With the huge success of Cyworld 1; 20 million subscribers, 20 billion monthly pageviews, $300.00 revenues daily, 96% of 19-29 year old has a subscription…the Market service has the potential to put successful players like ebay.com and finn.no out of business?

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